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E-mail 2/2/2014

My dear amazing family!!

Hello from a land of adventure and miracles! The adventures of Bellows and Orgill have continued! This week has been amazing!

Adventure Number 1: After we emailed last week we did kaimono (shopping) and came home and... the apartment door wouldn't unlock. It's a digital combination lock. We'd type in the code, and it'd beep but then it'd start flashing and wouldn't unlock. So we called District Leader Captain McClellen Choro [Elder McClellen]. He had no idea. So we called the Honbu [mission home]. Orgill shimai [Sister Orgill] talked to a very su[r]prised Kakura shimai [Sister Kakura] who handed the phone to a very suprised Kobayashi choro [Elder Kobayashi] who connected us with a likewise—su[r]prised--Yamada choro [Elder Yamada]. We called other suprised Nihongin [Japanese people] who called US back, calling themselves the Kagi Kyukyusha--literally: The Key/Lock Ambulence. Then we went downstairs to wait for the Key/Lock Ambulence and sat in the flowerbed--eating bread, writing letters and possibly looking very lost. Then up pulls a little white car 3 little Japanese men in blue jackets pop out (calling themselves the Kagi Kyukyusha) and annou[n]ced they were there to rescue us--which they did and fixed our door for no charge. It was so funny!!

Tuesday morning during scripture study as I was reading the account of Jesus Christ appearing to the Nephites (3 Ne. 9:19-20, 3 Ne. 11:8-12, 18-19) I thought about what about it would've been liek to be there as someone who KNEW and LOVED and WORSHIPPED Christ--to see him Descend out of HEaven, proclaim his identity and divinity and then to have him minister unto you. And then to have him call you--friend--to his side, as he did the 12 apostles. The idea overwhlemed me. It made me so happy.

I think the way we'll recognize Christ when we see him is by becoming like him. That's how Moroni says we'll see Him as He is (Mornoi [Moroni] 7:48) and be his children (3 Ne. 12:44-45). The more we strive to become like Christ and to come to know him, how great will be our joy when we meet him in the kingdom of our father.

It made me think of the song "His Love" by Jake Rau.

Every word that he said
Every tear that he shed
Stays within my mind and reminds me of the life he led
A man who taught the dumbe to speak
Who strengthened legs that on[c]e were weak
And who was betrayed with a simple kiss upon his cheek
Although his followers were few
They all knew his words were true
And there's nothing he won't do
To find a way and show you
His love

Arms that children knew so well
A smile that caused their hearts to swell
And hands that lifted up every time one of his small ones fell
A voice that called men from the dead
And eyes that saw so far ahead
Never turned away from a crown of thornes fit for His head
He knows your heart
He knows your name
And when you're hurt he's felt the pain
Forever he will sustain until you find in his arms again
His love

Jesus loved the man who could not see or understand
Just as he loves me and you
And he taught that we should love as he did
When he pleaded "Father,
Forgive them for they know not what they do"

Every precious drop of blood
And every ounce of perfect love
He so freely gave to show me to my home above
And every time he calls my name
He takes my sorrow and my shame
Doubt and fear are gone
Replaced by His holy nmae
He loves us
And His wounds will only heal
If we let them
Our open hearts would surely feel
His love.

I love being a missionary--feeling the Spirit tell me where to go and what to say, seeing people's eyes light up with the Holy Ghost, trying hard to learn the language so that I can teach and help them feel our Savior's love and find people, being filled up with light as I read the scriptures--I love it.

That night we had DCS with the assistant ward mission leader which was really good and I understood quite a bit. But the funny part was our evening prayer that night; I was saying it (in Japanese, of course) and I messed up so bad! It was really funny. Normally Orgill shimai is very good at keeping a straight face but not that time! Orgill shimai has been having trouble sleeping and she'd finally been able to get a new pillow so I was trying to say "We thank thee for new makura (pillow)" but instead I said "We're greatful for new maguro (tuna)." Then I tried to say "Please help us recieve genki (health)" but instead I said "Please help us recieve ginko (banks)." Orgill shimai couldn't help it--she busted up laughing. Whoops. Teehee...

Wednesday, Orgill shimai was sick so while she slept I worked on our new Area Map. I was reading the account of the Savior healing the multitude in personal study. I learned so much and felt so much love for the Savior. And I realized that the multitude was also filled with the Savior's pure love; when they asked Him to tarry (3 Ne. 17:5) he commanded them to bring forth their afflicted (v. 7-8) and they did WITH ONE ACCORD bring forth all those afflicted in any manner (v. 9)--and He did heal them, EVERY SINGLE ONE--and then the entire multitude, healed and whole, bowed down at His feet and worshipped Him--because THEY were filled with HIS love and HIS mercy and HIS compassion for every person there. THAT is world peace--THAT is compassion--that if someone healed the stranger next to you whom you had never before met, you would be filled with so much gratitude that you would kiss the healer's feet (v.10).

So far on my mission, I've seen people with so many diverse afflictions, and like the Nephites my heart cries out Jesus, please heal them! But until their day of healing comes I know our Savior feels their wounds. And one day he will come to them with healing in his wings and together they will fly. And every wrong will be made right. And until then I know he will provide a way and means for them to feel His love.

It also had so much more meaning to read that when Orgill shimai was sick. Hopefully she will start being able to sleep soon!

Then in companion study that day we read the stop smoking lesson the mission gave us as a resource for us to possibly teach people--it was so inspiring. I know Christ can heal that addiction too! I want to help others do that.

Thursday, we got our new top futons from Yamada choro! (like duvets essentially). We were very excited. We also had dinner with a lady from our ward (Kikkawa shimai). She's super cute and it was a wonderful experience. I felt able to communicate because of her kindness and patience and the spiritual thought we'd prepared--that we'd intended mostly for her twin sons--seemed to actually be for her. The Spirit was so strong. We shared Helaman 5:22-23, 28, 40-42 and 47. We talked about how we all have times in our lives when we are overshadowed with clouds of darkness--doubt, fear, trials, lack of faith, or hard things. The story in these scriptures is about how those clouds can be dispersed and we can recieve light and knowledge and peace. Lehi and Nephi were preaching adn then were thrown into prison (v. 22-23). When that heppened, there were other people in the prison. This is what happened to them (v.28). When they were overshadowed by that darkness they talked to each other and one of them told them how to get rid of the darkness (v.40-42). We're given faith and light and knowledcge and peace after we have prayed for them sincerly. Think about a worry you have. Will you pray to God until you feel peaceful about it? If we will this is God's promise (v.47).

Friday, we had interviews with President and Sister Rasmussen! While we were waiting for them at the church we called Oikawa-san to see if we could set up an appointment. She picks up and she says (in English) "I can't work or go to church because my legs are bad. So I am poor." So we asked her if we could bring her anything and she said "Yes, I want bread." So we got an appointment! The interviews were awesome! President Rasmussen is so kind.

Then we had district meeting and then our appointment with Oikawa. :)

Saturday, Oikawa-san forgot our appointment and wasn't home. :(

Sunday, was awesome!!

Actually, things started out poorly for Orgill shimai; she woke up in the middle of the night really sick and wasn't sure if she could make it to church--and Oikawa-san had promised to come. But we were able to go and bike to the church and paced and paced--where was Oikawa-san?? She said she'd come! We'd even called her at 8 to remind her! Chruch started. No Oikawa. The bearing of testimonies started. No Oikawa. So we went and called her--she'd left at 8 and had gotten lost! "I lost my way many times," she said in English. "And now I'm very hungry." So we biked to the rescue!, parked our bikes at her apartment and walked back to the church with her in time for the last half of gospel principles and all of combined 3rd hour--and she loved it!! She loved the hymns and the 3rd hour was about the Book of Mormon--the commitment she's been struggling with--so it was awesome! We walked back to her apartment and talked for a bit and then she prayed--an aweomse prayer!--and said seh'd been practicing praying! And while we were talking I felt like I should tell her why reading the BOM was important--even thought I couldn't understand what was being said and I was able to say it without many mistakes--miracle of the Spirit!

In other words, this week has been awesome!! Thank you for all your love and letter and great examples and support!!!!!!!!!!

It sounds like it's finally getting cold in Summerfield! Please s[t]ay warm and safe! Sounds like the Bellows home is continuing to celebrate--sounds fun!! Sounds like the Summerfield missionaries are doing great! Candice, I hope your wrist feels better soon! Glad to know that Garren is still consistently falling in the woods behind our house. ;) Yay for sister missionaries! Our ward is thinking of starting a PMG class for the Youth/YSA with the missionaries--I wonder how that would work in Carolina... Speaking of slipping escapades I fell off my bike this week! Whoops! No injuries--just very su[r]prised! :D Glad you are liking your classes Candice! Octopus is good but I'm not yet a fan of dried squid. It's very salty. Yay for the Johnsons! Happy birthday to Jared! Lucky kids--too cool for school I guess. ;)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

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