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E-mail 10/27/2014

My dear wonderful family,

Hello from busy busy Nagamachi! The missionaries+YSA [young single adults]+Elders Quorum President+Ward threw a Halloween party on Saturday and it was a great success and so many nonmembers came--many, many Eikaiwa [English class] students and many friends of members. It was such a great way to soften many people's hearts! The next day Nishikawa shimai [Sister Nishikawa] and I and some sisters from the ward sang a musical number we set up so it was a very very busy week preparing for all those activities! Also, tonight we are singing a musical number for FHE [family home evening] at the mission home and our pianist cancelled on us about 2 hours ago so we are rapidly trying to put another musical number. And there are many activities this coming week that we have to prepare for as well... there is always work to be done for the kingdom of God! :D

My week! (the abbreviated version)

Tuesday I read a really cool article by Elder Bednar in the Liahona [a magazine published by the Church]; "Missionary, Family History, and Temple Work." Loved it! And I also read some amazing results in Alma 62 of what happens when you clean the inner vessel first. Ladies' Eikaiwa. Our referral came and the members fellowshipped her really well!

Wednesday we biked up to the honbu area to visit a referral, an LA [less-active member] and a PI [potential investigator]. RAIN!! We had to wear our rain suits and rain boots and biked up the mountain in them, haha. We visited everyone but the PI without success and then stopped by the honbu [mission home] to double check our address and the missionaries there were very helpful, so we probably were inspired to stop and ask them for better directions! :D Then we went off and we able to find the PI's house immediately AND she was home and we were able to talk to her!! We invited her to a bunch of activities and she said she'd love to come and would always love to hear about the activities and it was so cool! Halloween prep, YSA stuff. Elder Fox is here in Nagamachi for a week to get his wisdom teeth out! MTC [Missionary Training Center] district!

Thursday we had District Meet and 2 YSA sisters from the ward came and we had a testimony meeting. The members' testimonies were so strong. Kaori shimai [Sister Kaori] bore her entire testimony about how thankful she is for missionaries and cried. Love her so much!! Elder Fox used 2 Kings 6:16-17. So good. After everyone bore there testimonies I just felt so happy and so much love fore everyone in the room. It is paradise here! Went to seminary that evening and we talked about the 3 Nephites and what they requested of the Savior and it made me think about being an eternal missionary. I want to! Missionary work never ends and you will never be alone in it. No matter what the circumstances, we will be blessed as we strengthen our faith in the Lord. I want everyone to enjoy dendo [missionary work].

Friday during personal study I thought #10 on page 149 in PMG [Preach My Gospel] is really good for members to read an apply in their dendo. Try to have lots of conversations with lots of people everyday and get involved in the community. Why? Because in order to share the gospel there need to people in your life to whom you can share it. Then we had a lesson with Obuchi shimai [Sister Obuchi]--again, planned to teach about tithing but it turned into a lesson about dendo. She really wants to share the gospel with her best friend. She's progressing! So exciting! We invited her to the Halloween party and she said she might come!!

Saturday we did service at our investigator's house with a member and she was so grateful and we gave her a [copy of the] liahona as a present. Then we had the ward halloween party. It was so good. SO many people came. Lots of nonmembers and eikaiwa students, old and young. Members invited their friends, many less actives came. Really really good. Happy! So cool!! 

Sunday we sang in church with 4 sisters from the ward and Obuchi shimai came! 

So, to summarize this week was really really good! 

One more thing I learned; When we carry with us joy from the gospel people will see it and they will want it too. So in order to carry with us that joy and light we need to have fun! Enjoy the gospel. Enjoy being a Christian. Enjoy being a Mormon. Enjoy being a missionary. Joy = lasting happiness. Missionary = eternally sharing the gospel.

Tyler so good to hear from you! Thank you for your detailed email!! MTC! So lucky!! Yep been serving over a year! But I still don't have the knowledge and wisdom of my family. So lucky I have you! So happy to be a missionary! I got the package from Mrs. Alexander! So kind! Thank you so much!! I have ideas for your widows [windows?] but no time to write this week! Remind me and I'll try to send it next week! I want to see a picture of lauren's reading nook! Mom that:s awesome that you are doing stuff for the neighborhood and for others with what you:re learning from your gardening classes! What do you do in the laundry room? Sundays we report to the District leader in the evenings but do normal dendo as much as possible after church. A lot of times we have meetings/activites that make it hard to do normal dendo. We teach PMG class or go to the YW [Young Women’s]/YM [Young Men’s] sunday school class or go to gospel principles during sunday school. We go to Relief Society. And I can understand what they're saying most of the time now! Wow lots of dates for next year. You have things all figured out! Thanks for the email candice! I recognize the blonde Elder in the picture you sent me! Small world! What's his first name? Hello from Japan! I will think some more on when to come back and talk to President Smith. 

Well, my dear wonderful family. I love you. I am so grateful for you. Thank you for all that you do. I love you!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

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