Monday, May 19, 2014

E-mail 5/18/2014

My dear family,

It was wonderful to skype with you guys! It was so fun to tell you all my stories and hear all about you were doing. A perfect skype! 

We had some miracles with Less-Actives this week!

Tuesday, we had an appointment with Ota-san at the church but he was sick and couldn't come. Zanen [?]! In District Meeting we talked about sacrifice, diligence (finding joy in the work and moving toward best in all your activities), working with the member, progressing investigators (they progress because they keep commitments which prepares them to make and keep covenants), and making a really good image for missionaries by focusing on service. Then we went and visited a ton of Old Investigators but no one was home. Had dinner and then went to the church for Ward Missionary Work Coordination Meeting but everyone from the ward couldn't come so as a District we talked about creative dendo [proselyting] ideas. Some good plans in store! 

Wedneday we went to Seminary and then did service at the Lodging home and then went to our appointment with Sato-san but he wasn't home so we left a message with his younger brother and then visited an LA [less-active] but she wasn't home. Did some housing. Then Eikaiwa [English class]! Taught kid's class. It was super fun! We played 2 games; one with ABCs and the other was called "Can you do it?" and they were running all over and had a great time. :)

Thursday we had Ladies' Eikaiwa and Izumi Meeting and visiting people. 

Friday we had a lesson with Wako-san about the Plan of Salvation! It was amazing. She told us she read the Restoration Pamphlet and loved it and that she feels like we were led to her to teach her about Christ and so she wants to learn. We're so excited for her! We are praying she will come to church. She said she was too busy this week.

Saturday, we visited Ami shimai (an LA) and she was home! And we were able to share a message and she said we could come back! Then we had dinner with the big Sato family in our ward and it was so fun! Their kids are so funny. It was so fun. Sato kaicho [Brother Sato] is really good at English and he was teaching me funny things to say in Japanese. Watashi wa dendo otaku desu [I am a geek?]! He and his wife both served missions in Sapporo and he had lots of funny stories to share; he had one companion who whenever he was walking next to him, he'd pick up a snowball and hit him with it in the shoulder and then ask "Do you feel loved?" Another companion hated fish so whenever Sato kaicho went on splits he would say to the Elder he was with "We are Nihongin [Japanese]. Let's eat fish!" And they'd feast on fish and his companion would come back to the apartment and say "What happened?? It smells horrible!" And he said that whenever they would bike past snow piles they would try to kick their companion into the snow. Haha. Lots of fun stories. We did a practice Mogi [roleplay] with their family on how to introduce the Book of Mormon to a friend and Sato kaicho's mogi was incredible. He must've been an incredible missionary in Sapporo!

Yesterday we walked up to church and there was someone we'd never seen before standing outside the building holding a paperback Book of Mormon. So we said Good Morning! Nice to meet you! And he said Are you Missionaries? And we said Yes! And he said I took lessons 2 years ago and I'm coming to church today. Incredible! The Lord will lead you to them or he will lead them to you--the Elders took him under their wing and I think he stayed for all 3 hours of church! Then we went and visited an LA the ward has zero information about and no one's ever been able to visit---and she let us in and let us share a message with her while her son was listening in on the other side of the room. Miracle! She said she can't be Mormon and couldn't take a Book of Mormon but was so grateful to us for coming and gave us juice to take home. She might not be able to be LDS right now but her son might have interest... Miracles, miracles. And then we went to visit another LA whom I've never met and she also allowed us to share a message and was so kind. It was incredible. 

So, lots of miracles this week! Amazing amazing. The Lord truly loves us. 

Thank you for all your letters and emails and everything even though you are so busy--you are wonderful wonderful!! Up to amazing things! 

Mom--you must've loved the butterfly garden! Congrats Zach!! Candice--have fun in South Carolina! Lauren--you have been keeping busy! Have fun in Iowa! I hope choir practice is awesome! Wow, way to go Kai! In Japan their school year starts in February/March and they have about a month break for summer--way different from America! Congrats to Mary Kathryn! And Hannah! Oh, the twistables are colored pencils, haha. 

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

[Once again, no pictures. She said her camera card was full a few weeks ago, so that's probably why.]

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