Tuesday, May 6, 2014

E-mail 5/5/2014

My dear wonderful family,

Another week! 

Tuesday, we taught Ota-san! We biked up to the church and had companion study and then went to the Eki [station] to meet Ota-san (to show him how to get to the church). We sat down on a bench to wait for him and he walked right up to us all dressed up in a nice suit and said "I'm here, let's go!" :) We walked over to the church and said a prayer and then did a small tour and asked him how reading the Book of Mormon was going and he said "Good, I've read it twice and I'm starting it a third time." Incredible! (Also, the Akatsuka family was there to teach with us and he loved them.) We read Helaman 5:30 together and he would stop and say things when it [he?] agreed with it. :) We also read from 3 Nephi when Jesus Christ institutes the sacrament and he had a question about repentence and Akatuka kyodai [Brother Akatuka] did some awe[s]ome teaching and te[s]tifying. And then we had a prayer and walked Ota-san back to the Eki and he said he would come to church next week! Yay! Then we had district meeting and then went out to lunch as a District with Kumagai shimai [Sister Kumagai] and then visited old investigators and housed.

Oh, and I got Mrs. Alexander's package!!!!!! It was the nicest thing! All my favorite treats--walnuts, twix, pita chips, crazins [Craisins]. SO kind! Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wedneday we had seminary and served at the lodging home. At the lodging home they sang tons of songs to us. It was so cool! Housed. Had Eikaiwa [English class]. Fun stuff.

Thursday we had Ladies' Eikaiwa. Johnson shimai and I gave the spiritual thought about I am a Child of God. Afterwards one of the student asked me about tortillas and told me how to man an (sweet bean paste they put in bread and treats here--I want you guy[s] to taste it! Especially an mochi!) Then we had Izumi meeting. Then Indian Curry for lunch. Then we met an Eikaiwa student and Elder Igawa and Elder Ceasar at the church--he wanted to show missionaries some cool places in Sendai as a way to say thank you for our free Eikaiwa. We went to a museum and a statue of the samurai who founded Sendai and the tallest building in Kamisugi. (We got Zone Leader permission.) We got to talk to him a lot. He definitely could become an investigator. Then we came back and were able to make an appointment with Shoji-san to pick him up for church.

Friday we visited a PI [potential investigator] in Kamo who wasn't home but when we were walking up to the apartment a bunch of little girls were out playing and when they saw us they all said "Oh! Kawaiiiiiiiii!!" (which means cute). It was so funny! So cute!

Saturday we biked out an hour to visit an LA [less active] and then biked out another half hour to try and find an LA the ward doesn't have a lot of information on when I got another flat tire!! FOURTH in Izumi! Ahhh! Haha. So we walked the rest of the way, found the LA and were able to talk to her husband (contact at last!) and then walked 2 1/2 hours to back to Izumi and then another 1/2 hour to the bike shop. So... lots of streeting [street contacting]. :D

Sunday Sister Chapman's parents (visiting her and her family) bore their testimonies (Brother Browne translated). They were mission presidents in Mexico and had powerful testimonies! Loved it.

Well, I'm out of time, but I love you all so much!!!! Thank you for all your love, letters, prayers, emails, everything!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! I love dendo [proselyting]!!!

Sounds like the rugby game was awesome! I hope Bob the Tomato's sunburn is non-poking. Fun birthday celebration! Way to go Tyler on your classes!!! Pilot Mountain looks like it was fun! Congrats to Uncle Peter! Where did Maria find another dog? Natalie's wedding reception sounds wonderful! Do you have pictures? I'm so excited to talk to you on Mother's Day! Transfers sounds like it was fun! My favorite scripture is Mosiah 28:3. Our ward has a steady 80 people at sacrament meeting, but it was much lower in the winter. We hope to have it to at least 100 and then more!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

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