Tuesday, June 3, 2014

E-mail 6/2/2014

My dear wonderful family,

Woah--was totally expecting that. But I'm still surprised!!! Holy cow! CONGRATULATIONS TYLER AND KELSEA!!!!!!!!!! How did he propose? How is all the planning? So excited to see pictures! Happy happy happy. :)

It's been nicer weather this week. 25 degrees Celsius. 27 degrees Celsius. 31 degrees Celsius. Yeah.... It's going to be a HOT summer. :D Just going to get a great tan and awesome sweat stains! Definitely not snow coat weather!

This week's highlights:

Monday we went to our appointment with Hasegawa-san but she said she had a friend die recently so we couldn't talk about Jesus Christ or pray, but she said it was okay if I taught her American Sign Language. So I taught her how to sign "Families Can Be Together Forever" and the signs for family, brother, sister, dad, mom, etc. She loved it. She said we could come back and talk more about that song. It was an absolute miracle to be able to remember so much sign language. It brought back good memories. It was wonderful. Amazing how the Lord prepares us for people before I even imagine meeting them--and whoever thought that I'd be able to use American Sign Language in Japan! It was really special.

Tuesday we had our first Eikaiwa [English class] chirashi kubari [flyer distribution] of our week of daily chirashi kubari [flyer distribution]. In Izumi we have to pay to use the road to hand out flyers, but the money is good for a week so we decided to pay the money and then hand out chirashi [flyers] every day (minus Sunday and Monday) for an hour. It was so good! There were tons of people and we got to talk to a lot of them. We're excited to see how many new people come to Eikaiwa because of it!

Wednesday at Seminary (which won't get out for a while) we talked about Jacob 5 so I learned a lot of plant vocabulary. ;) We also were able to visit Ueno Junko shimai [Sister Ueno Junko]--a less active who is so close to becoming active--and had a really sweet lesson with her. And even though it's an hour long bike ride to get to her house I didn't get sunburned. So grateful! We also visited Namura-san and couldn't teach her because her husband was home but we were able to admire her beautiful yard--she loves gardening. It's so fun to see what's new every time we go!

Thursday one of Johnson shimai's [Sister Johnson's] old investigators (Kou-san) from Aomori came down to have a lesson from her (approved by Rasmussen kaicho [President Rasmussen]). It was incredible. Kou-san was so kind. It was amazing to see the impact that a missionary can have an investigator and how they can help them even after they transfer. Kou-san is ready for baptism--whenever she chooses to receive it. In preparation for our lesson she read Alma 32 and she said she loved [the] part "it beginneth to be delicious to me." She said she had felt that. It was incredible. 

After our lesson with Kou-san we were going home for dinner when we got a text from a PI [potential investigator] who Johnson shimai has texted (an Eikaiwa reminder) every Tuesday since February but then stopped just a couple weeks again. The text said "Is there Eikaiwa tonight?" We called him back and told him about the 30-30 program (30 minutes English, 30 minutes Gospel message) and he said "Yes, I can meet tonight." So we called the Elders and met them at the church and had an INCREDIBLE lesson. He is so strong. I can see him getting baptized. So excited!!

Saturday we had our first soccer activity in the part and lots of the youth came and brought their friends. We're excited to use this as a new dendo [proselyting] tool!

Sunday, the Chapman family brought their neighbors (who can't speak English) to church--amazing! Anyone can be a missionary! Even if you can't speak the language.

Also, Sunday transfer calls came!!!! Changes, changes! Elder Paxton, Sister Smith, and Sister Johnson are transferring! Sister Johnson is going to Hachinohe and is going to learn shu wa--Japanese sign language!! So cool!! My new companion is.... Sister WATANABE!! My first Japanese companion--wish me luck!!

I am so excited for Tyler and Kelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier. :) I expect lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!! So proud of all you guys are doing!!!!!!!! I love love love you!!!!!!!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

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