Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E-mail 6/8/2014

My dear wonderful family,

My new companion's name is Watanabe shimai! She went to BYU Hawaii for 2-3 years and after her mission will go back to finish her degree in Graphic Design so she has perfect English and is so cute! She is from Tokyo and has been out for over a year. She also just finished her 4th transfer as Sister Training Leader so she knows SO MUCH! I love it! She is so kind. The Izumi shimai apartment is now 1/2 Japanese! Hamano shimai's [Sister Hamano's] new companion is Ore shimai [Sister Ore] (who is from Hawaii but not Hawaiian). There's a lot of Japanese speaking in the apartment now! But I am so grateful! I know it will help me start understanding more. 

The weather is wet! The rain season has officially started! Thankfully last P-day [preparation day] Johnson shimai [Sister Johnson] and I bought some rain boots so I've been staying dry. I'm going to buy some rain pants today and that should make things good too.

It was so fun to hear about all the Wedding planning! I am so happy for Tyler and Kelsea! The engagement pictures are just lovely. I'm downloading them to my camera so that I can look at them again and again. I wrote on my calender 'They're engaged' and every time I see it I just grin. :) I am so happy for you!

Even though I still feel so inexperienced I feel like the Lord has prepared me for this part of my mission and has blessed me so much! I've been able to be the navigator and remember people's names and get us to the places we've needed to be. I feel so blessed.

I also had the blessing this week of being able to record a song for the bye-bye DVD for President Rasmussen this week. Elder Patterson wrote it for President and Sister Rasmussen and played the guitar and sang and I figured out a duet part. It is beautiful. It really touched me! I hope I can send you a copy. It was wonderful to be able to do something for them when they've done so much for us! We also took a video as a Zone for them for the DVD as well. We love them so much! We will miss them!!

Monday, Johnson shimai and I were blessed to be able to have dinner with Sasaki shimai [Sister Sasaki]. And then all the missionaries were invited over to the Chapman's house for a 'Banana SPLITS' (because 3 missionaries were transferring) desert. The Browns came over too and they talked about missionary work and how grateful they were for us and we took pictures. It was so kind.

Tuesday, we had a lesson with Ishihara-san (such a tender mercy so that Johnson shimai could say goodbye!) and (ANOTHER tender mercy) a lesson with Okuyama-san (a pass lesson to the Elders).

Wednesday was transfer day--Smith shimai [Sister Smith] and I went down to Sendai Train Station and Watanabe shimai and I became companions and Smith shimai met her companion and went to Takajo! I love Watanabe shimai!!

Thursday, we were able to have a lesson with Ueno Junko shimai [Sister Ueno Junko] (LA) [less active] and it was wonderful and then Izumi Meeting where everyone shared their favorite scriptures. Some of them were: 2 Ne. 4:35, D&C 88:63, D&C 122:7-9. Mine was Ether 12:27

Friday we had Zone Training Meeting. All Japanese. I survived--and understood most of it! It was great. :)

Saturday was the first day of rain!! We even did our Sports activity in a little bit of drizzle--but we had people come and it was super fun! 

In other words, it's been a wonderful week! 

Thank you for all the emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of my wonderful, wonderful family!!!!!!!!! You are doing amazing things. I am so happy. :) Thank you for the package! I haven't gotten it yet, but I am excited to open a little box of home. :)

How is England? I hope things went okay with your flights Dad. I'd love to see a ring picture if you have time! Congrats on fifth grade graduation Lauren!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

[No pictures this week. Sorry!]

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