Wednesday, February 11, 2015

E-mail, 2/9/2015

My dear wonderful family!!

We had an awesome week! We set a goal to teach 20 lessons and we taught 21! So many miracles!!

Monday we visited Less Actives from a list the ward gave us and found 2 who are okay with us coming back! 

Tuesday it was way cold but we biked to Kie-chan's hospital to visit her but it was closed to visitors because the flu going around. Then we biked to Takenoko shimai [Sister Takenoko] and she let us share a scripture with her about prayer! Then we went housing and met a wonderfully nice old couple who invited us inside and gave us tea [presumably the kind that’s okay!] and cake and talked with us about travel and we talked about why we're missionaries and bore our testimonies and they were very receptive! Then we visited a PI [potential investigator] and taught him about the Book of Mormon but he wouldn't accept a copy. 

Wednesday we [had] shu wa [sign language] class and then a mogi [roleplay] with a member after. She was so nice! Then visited some LAs [less-active members] but they weren't home so we went housing and were able to teach some people! Then we had a lesson with Shion-chan (RC [recent convert]) about the Atonement and God's love and she was really touched. But she's been really not genki [energetic] lately so we're worried about her! She's not reading her scriptures or praying or coming to church often either.

Thursday our investigator called and cancelled but we had a mogi appointment with a member so we taught her. Then went housing for 1 1/2 hour, shared 2 messages and 1 person said she used to do FFEP [Free Family English Program] in Hirosaki and asked for a chirashi [flyer]. So cool! And cold! Then a lesson with Ishita-san about Apostacy and restoration. She kept her commitment to read the pamphlet! Progress! 

Friday we met Brother Maeda (a MTC [Missionary Training Center] TRC [Teaching Resource Center] investigator-actor who lives in America but travels to Japan quite a bit; Iwahashi shimai [Sister Iwahashi] taught him in the MTC) for lunch and a streeting mogi. Such good practice! Came back to the church and had FFEP with Yuri-chan. She had a hard time focusing during the gospel lesson. Then a mogi with Nakajima shimai [Sister Nakajima] and then she jointed our lesson with Kato shimai [Sister Kato] (RC). Sabbath day. The Spirit was so strong! Really good! 

Saturday we had a mogi with the Ward Mission Leader and then a lesson with Sugiura shimai [Sister Sugiura] (RC) on the 10 commandments. Then a mogi with Tanaka shimai [Sister Tanaka] about the Atonement. She was so touched and cried so much. I think her life is stressful right now. I gave her a big hug. She needs love. She wants to dendo [do missionary work] too! So amazing! 

Sunday I gave a talk in church on the Sacrament. Then we taught gospel principles on the creation and Sae-chan came for Young Womens and we had FFEP with Natsuko-san and she said she'd try to pray on her own.

We saw so many miracles this week! Doing good! Sae-chan came to church! And she asked her parents about permission to recieve the lessons and they said they'd think about it and talk about it more in March. So keep praying for her!

Candice, the Nacy Drew game tester. Nice! I would ask a chemist about essential oils.
I'm glad Lamb of God went so well this week! 
Congratulations on perfect attendance and good grades Lauren!
That's so neat that you got to go to South Carolina for training. The pictures looked really pretty!

I learned so much by preparing that my talk for Sacrament meeting. I talked about how [important] it is for baptized members to remember their covenants and to commit to improve and symbolizes the Atonement. With the bread we remember Christ's bodily sacrifice and resurrection and how we all will be resurrected too. With the water we remember Christ's blood and how he suffered for our sins and through his blood sacrifice we can be free from our sins and made clean if we keep the commandments and repent. By accepting the sacrament we show we accept Christ as our Savior and Redeemer and commit ourselves to improve and recieve all his gospel (including all the ordinances and covenants). If we take the sacrament with these purposes we will be filled spiritually with the Holy Ghost. If we want to we can draw closer to the Lord through the Sacrament. I know that because I have experienced it and have been changed as I take the Sacrament. I am so grateful for this ordinance and for the priesthood holders who are worthy to bring the fruits of the Atonement to us.

I would love a 5 generation chart and stories about the people in it.
No travel this past week or this upcoming week! It snowed a little bit!

Well, I think that's all for this week! I love you all so much! So happy with all you are doing!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your missionary,

Bellows shimai :)

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